Go Fund Me - campaign for Berlin, Germany art show RAUME 2 & September 2018

Link to donate for supplies - https://www.gofundme.com/supplies-amp-expenses-for-berlin-show

Honored to announce I’ve been invited to show my “Metro” abstracts in Berlin for “RÄUME 2” September 2018 at the Iron Factory in Reinickendorf. 

The Solar Panel Art Series aims to raise awareness for renewable energy. The project would like to highlight the potential where art, technology and nature can coexist.

For more info http://www.the-beam.com/art

Facebook link about exhibition and non profit


About RÄUME 2 Exhibition
Is what unites us stronger, than what divides us? +
60 artists ask questions about: 
systematic inequality
cultural change
gender and nationalities

The exhibition will occupy an old iron factory in Reinickendorf, Berlin.

Kopenhagener Strasse 60-68,13407 Berlin

Sponsor an Artist?

I’m creating this Go Fund Me account to ask for support to help me with this trip for my first international exhibit. I will be creating a piece in a studio downtown Berlin. I will need to pay for train tickets to exhibit location,  art supplies, hardware from hardware store and will install the piece. This will require a lot of preplanning. The larger raise would help make the piece larger and more prominent. I have several concepts and 2 days collect supplies and  build once I get there. I will be leaving on September 15, 2018 and staying for several days. Go fund me will last till the end of my trip. Link to donate for supplies - https://www.gofundme.com/supplies-amp-expenses-for-berlin-show


Business Sponsors

I’m reaching out to those who own businesses to consider sponsoring me and my trip in some way. I would include your business name as a sponsor on my website header (300-400 views a month) and post on social media (over 4000 followers) throughout my adventure as a primary supporter. Each business contributing will be also included to win a free painting from my inventory. 


Patron Sponsors 

I’m reaching out to my collectors and friends to offer my work in the inventory for 40% off until September 10th  before I leave to help with expenses. If you purchase a piece before the trip, I will include your name in social media posts as a patron sponsor. 

If you donate any amount of money through “go fund me” I will also include your individual name or Instagram handle as a patron or collector sponsor (if you own my work). 

Visit this link to view current inventory on my website

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